Thursday, 9 June 2011

Oh home, yes I am home... Home is wherever I'm with you. HEY!

I am home!

It was an amazing trip, saw lots, ate lots but I am very delighted to be home. I missed my new (to me) car and I missed my Dad and my cat, Emma. I am beat. It has been a very long day today. But I have things to do! So sleep will come later on.

I have, in true Riley fashion, created a brand spankin' new list for what I have left to do in ECMP 355 up until June 21. I have plans upon plans for my podcasts, portfolio, etc. but I need to actually get started. My eight day stint in the Maritimes has not helped my productivity whatsoever with these projects, although I loved being able to blog about what I had been doing and post some photos. There was no time to just sit and do work for longer than maybe an hour, so I am feeling stressed, looking at blogs and seeing that people already have their final projects posted! AHHHHHHH!

So, with that said my plans for my podcast have been finalized, and I have decided that I am going to keep my number of podcasts for this project to approx 4-5 podcasts. They'll probably be anywhere from 15-20 minutes I'm thinking, since my first one with the full versions of the songs was close to 42 minutes long. I'll do some more talking, so recording my voice for the podcasts will be one of my larger tasks in the next week. Some themes that I am planning on covering are:
- Awesome Canadian Artists ( I do believe in my first version of my podcast I said "awesome" an obscene amount of times, so that will have to be dealt with...)
- Kid-Friendly podcast (Awesome songs that kids can learn to sing or play, good themes, etc. It'll be more geared towards younger kids, but I think a lot of the songs that I plan to use can be transferred to older grades.)
- Easy Guitar Songs that don't Suck (I know at many Regina high schools they offer guitar classes, and I play guitar. I would love love love love to teach a guitar class... maybe I'll even record myself playing a bit of something?)
- Musicians that students can learn from (I have already begun a list including Adele, Ray Charles... and if anyone has any suggestions leave em please and thanks!)

I am also very excited to report that one of my friends who happens to be a neighbour has accepted my invitation to record The White Stripes "We Are Gonna Be Friends" song for my Kid-Friendly podcast! So it will be a recording of her and her bro-heim, rocking out this tunesky. I am so pumped!

I am also listening to a lovely lady named Meredith Jordan, whose name and website was passed onto me by none other than Dean Shareski himself... Your daughter has some kick-butt songs Dean! I am planning on emailing her for permission to use "The Germ Song"? If you speak with her before I do, put in a good word!

I have lists of songs and artists for each theme, so I basically just need to DO IT. So this week will be a lot of me sitting in my room or on my couch talking to myself.

I have also decided to instead of using a Podomatic account to post my podcasts, I would like to try using Posterous, because from what I understand you can also use Posterous to post photos, and can post them to Twitter, which I would like to start doing.

So on that note, I have to get moving! Once again, AHHHHHHHHHH!

Anybody wanna see another picture from my trip?!?!

In the public gardens in Halifax, there is this beautiful Japanese flower bush right in front of the gates, and there is a little plaque in front of the flowers stating that this lovely pink plant signifies the relationship between Halifax and a city in Japan. Pretty neat huh?


  1. Riley, your trip looked awesome, I'm happy to hear it went so well! I'm also really looking forward to your podcasts. It's such a creative idea and the great thing about podcasts is they still accessible on the go. Can't wait to hear them!

  2. Thanks Kaylen! It's good to hear some feedback now on the theme ideas, wouldn't want them to be lame and not find out until after I finished them! Haha. I hope to have at least one posted on Monday!