Monday, 13 June 2011

Final Project Ep. 1 (The Canadiana Podcast)

Podcast_Ep._1_(June_13).m4a Listen on Posterous

It is here! Episode 1! Yippee! I created the first of hopefully four podcasts for my final project!

So this podcast was recorded using Garageband, and I decided to just start over, and leave my first podcast attempt for my own personal reflection, plus I needed to re-record all of the my voice because the orders of the songs were changed and whatnot.

It was harder to create this podcast because I had to cut every song down, and matching everything up was more difficult than just pulling the song into the track and letting it go.

I decided this time to post my podcast using Posterous, which I am finding to be more user friendly. I had to load my podcast a couple of times though because it kept freezing a certain points and wouldn't load anymore. It loaded, and then I noticed that my pictures for each chapter didn't come up, only the audio track. Does anyone know how to change this? I know that you can open my podcast with the program of your choice (ie: iTunes, etc) is there a program that will play it with my pictures? I know that Podomatic had my pictures and everything in it, so if it doesn't do that on Posterous, I might want to change...

So yes, it's far from perfect but it's mine! I have many ideas for more so either tonight or tomorrow I'm gonna get started on the next one and post it as soon as I can! Feedback is appreciated but be kind, I am a little self-conscious of hearing my voice coming out of these speakers! Ha.


  1. Awesome job Riley! This is such a unique way of sharing information with people. I love how you presented information about each artist. It really made me feel like you were a music expert! Did the pictures for each chapter that did not work have text stating which artist was playing? I only ask because I think most people who listen to this will be interested in the spelling of the artists names so that they can look them up. Oh and awesome selection of Canadian artists!

  2. Thanks so much Marissa! I really appreciate that! I am glad to hear that I did justice to each artist! I love your idea about posting the different artist names with the song titles. I didn't have that on the chapter, but I will add the song list with the artist to these podcasts! Thanks!!!!!