Friday, 17 June 2011

ECMP 355 - Final Project Ep. 3 (The Easy Guitar Songs That Don't Suck Podcast)

Ep._3_(June_15).m4a Listen on Posterous
Here is another podcast!

I am now, as we speak, on to doing my reflection. iMovie is loaded and ready to rock!

Hopefully this podcast isn't too jumbled, I felt slightly rushed recording it, but oh well!

Track List:
  1. Kina Grannis - Valentine
  2. Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon
  3. Taylor Swift - Love Story
  4. Sufjan Stevens - That Was The Worst Christmas Ever!
  5. Feist - I Feel It All
  6. Neil Young - Heart of Gold
  7. Shania Twain - No One Needs To Know


  1. Riley, I haven't yet commented on any of your other podcasts, but I wanted to let you know that overall they are awesome! The diverse selection of music that you use along with the natural charisma you have throughout these recordings make them something that I think will draw in a really wide spectrum of people for your audience, and rightfully so.
    Please continue to make these even once the class is over (if you have a chance I mean) because I think I'm seriously becoming a bit of a podcast addict, and yours are at the top of my list to check out! Keep up the fantastic work, girl!
    ps I hope you're alright with this but I've sort of been promoting these to all my friends... I like them that much!

  2. Aw, thanks so much Kaylen! I really appreciate it! Thanks for the shameless promoting! I do plan to continue on, I have some more ideas for future podcasts, so I'll keep posting them and hopefully people will listen! You always tell me exactly what I hope to hear haha, so I thank you for that.

  3. That's too funny that you listed Shania Twains No One Needs To Know. That is the only song I know how to play on the guitar!

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