Sunday, 5 June 2011

New Game Plan!

Hey Team,

I have a new game plan for my final reflection project. As you probably have read, my podcast plan went awry when it was pointed out to me that I needed permission to use the selected songs in my podcast. The solution that Dean and I discussed is for me to try and get permission for any songs that I can (and I have permission for one song so far - thanks Jenn Grant!), and to use short clips from the other songs that I do not have/could not receive an answer for. Hopefully I can do this and still create a satisfactory podcast. I want to focus less on the music and individual songs, and more on the content of the music, why I chose it, the artist and why I listen to them/chose them, etc.

I have been in touch with David from the Arts & Crafts label in Canada, they represent artists like Dan Mangan, Feist and Broken Social Scene, and he had many questions for me about which artists I was interested in using/how many songs I wanted, so I hope to hear back from him soon! It has been hard this week to get to work on my new plan for my podcasts, but I know that when I get back it will not be difficult to get them rolling, I have plans written out for them so I'll just need to sit down and do it up.

So this is all for now, it has been a crazy couple of days on my end, I have covered three provinces in five days! We have been driving and walking and flying and ferrying and it has been awesome but tiring! I'll leave you lovely folks with another couple of pictures from my travels, the first one is from the lobster supper that we went to on Saturday night in New Glasgow, PEI. I got my sweet bib, just as promised, and a pound of lobster goodness. It was awesome. The second is from the ferry ride we took today from PEI to Nova Scotia. It was so cool to be right on the ocean! Tomorrow we have another full day: Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Peggy's Cove, Alexander Keith's Brewery... Don't wait up!

Kidding, Dean!

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  1. Hey Riley

    Love the pics and glad your having a great time! I've been finding things hectic a bit as well, planning on doing a John Cage song and adapting it into an electronic choir using GarageBand then uploading it to youtube.
    Say hi to your awesome bf from me.