Thursday, 19 May 2011

Some thoughts and something to share:

So I've been playing around with Google Reader for the past 2 days, and I gotta say I really like it. I already read about 6-7 blogs everyday that I have found over the past few months, and now it is much easier to check them because it shows when there is a new post. It works really well and I like having everything organized. Now I have separate folders for my ECMP 355 blogs to read and for my blogs that I read on my own. And from Twitter, I have also found blogs that are written by teachers and people with similar interests to mine. It's like resource central over here! I have started a bunch of folders and some word docs with lists of sites and ideas for classes and lessons. I love it! I am constantly opening these folders or lists to add things so that I don't forget them. I didn't realize how many ideas and resources I would get from taking this class. The best part is that the learning doesn't stop after ECMP 355 is over. I can continue to use Twitter and blogging and Google Reader to connect with people and gain valuable resources that I can use someday in a classroom. If ever I am stumped on what to do, I can just go back to my lists, or folders, or do a shout out on Twitter or Facebook and ask for help.

Now, I also signed up for Diigo today, and I am a little uninterested right now in using it, but over the next couple of days I'll play around with it and see where I get. My thoughts right now are that I only use one computer, my MacBook, and I just don't really see the use in having my bookmarks somewhere else right now. But I'm gonna look closer and see what else it does.

I also took a look at that Google Docs thing with the Twitter for Teachers, and I connected with some drama, english and art teachers on Twitter, which is awesome. Thanks Dean for posting the site address, I went right to it after I watched the class recording and started looking at teachers and schools that I could connect with.

I also looked at Devon's blog today and watched the "Story Pirates" video, which I thought was awesome. So I wanted to include a video of my own. I was introduced to Sarah Kay on Facebook, a friend of mine named Echo put up a video of her doing a TED Talk. This video I replayed 3 times, I was so affected by it. I'm not super into poetry, but this video makes me want to look further into it, and use my words for performance. Enjoy and let me know what you think! I have other links to her site if anyone is interested.

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