Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Little Facelift

Hey Team,

so as you can see, by Dean's recommendation I went into my design settings and made some little changes to the look of my blog here. I am listening to Dan Mangan right now, just moving some things around as I see fit, real relaxing stuff.

Except I have one problem that I have tried to solve, but cannot seem to figure out, I would really like for my Tweets to come up on my blog page, similar to Kaylen's blog, where she has her Twitter comments coming down the side. I would like that as I think the two go hand in hand. If someone could explain to me how to make it to that not only could people follow me on Twitter from my blog (as it is right now), but I also want my Tweets to come up. Is there something I need to change on my own Twitter settings perhaps? Let me know if anyone has any wisdom for me, I'd appreciate it.

I listened to the recording of class this morning, with my cup o' coffee and some fruit, my favorite way to listen to our 355 classes, since I missed the live session (power = out in Cathedral on Thursday night) and I really enjoyed listening to what Kyle and Jordan had to say, got some good ideas from their presentations... many more sites have been bookmarked from that session. The article that was mentioned about the intern that could not blog during their internship gave me an idea: Why shouldn't we? In fact, we all should during our internship, then our supervising teacher would not need to get us to journal, they could simply look at our blogs. Other interns could look at each others blogs, and they could get ideas, bounce ideas back and forth, and know that are not alone if they are stressed or are having challenges in the classroom.

I am hoping to do a lot of blogging this week, as well as some planning for my professional page, since on June 1, I will be going to the Maritimes for 9 days with my mom, sister, soon to be stepfather and, as I was surprised last week by my family, by boyfriend! We will be going to Moncton, PEI and back to Halifax. Don't worry Dean, I'll have wireless pretty much everywhere I go! I plan to blog a little about my trip and watch the recordings of class. I am very excited to go east, the furthest east in Canada for me has been Winnipeg thus far... So I am hoping to get some work done this week to make things easier for when I am away.

I will leave you lovely people with what I am listening to at this very moment, a little something called "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele. Now this video is sweet for multiple reasons, the first being that it is refreshing to not have multiple girls in bikinis anywhere in this video, the aesthetic intensity and artfulness is so cool. And the fact that the drummer is included is awesome too, because the pounding drumline in this song is very significant to the tune. Have a rockout moment, a report back to me with your favorite rockout songs (I will make a lesson out of this one day). That is all!


  1. To have your twitter updates display you'll need to add a gadget. You may have already but the on you're using only asks people to follow. Search in the gadget area in your dashboard under Design and then you should see the place to add a gadget. Search for twitter updates.

  2. I played around with it a bit more, and realized that I had my tweets on the privacy setting, once I took that off they came up on my blog. Thanks!

  3. Awe sorry Riley! I've been so busy this weekend I just got on google reader today to see your blog post, but I'm so happy you figured out how to get the tweets up on the side there!
    Also, have tons of fun in the Maritime and be sure to blog lots of photots!
    ps AWESOME song choice! Adele is crazy talented as well as has such a great story behind her music. Students would love her!

  4. No worries Kaylen we have it under control, my tweets are now up for all to see. PS: My boyfriend (Richie) says he knows you from Sask Express! Small world! Thanks for the happy trip vibes! I'm getting so excited to get going!

    I knew you'd like the song choice! We seem to have similar music tastes! Thanks!!