Saturday, 14 May 2011

Best week ever.

Ok, so before I blog about things that pertain to ECMP 355 for this week, I gotta get out what has happened to me this week and I'll make it short and sweet...
1: My Mom and her Fiance, who we are going on a trip with to the Maritimes on June 1, surprised me with a plane ticket for my boyfriend, Richie. Apparently everyone has known for months, including Richie! I am so happy that they wanted to include him on our first family trip altogether.
2: On Thursday night, Richie and I went to see Elton John! We were supposed to be sitting way up in the back, which was fine, but someone stopped us inside the venue, and gave us SECOND ROW SEATS! Most amazing concert ever.
3: I had emailed a guy named Grant Lawrence this week, who is a radio host at CBC Radio 3, which I have listened to for years now, he does an awesome podcast of indie Canadian music, and he also wrote a really great book called Adventures in Solitude, which I emailed him to say how much I liked it. I mentioned I was becoming a teacher, and he emailed me back, and said that when I am settled as a teacher, that he'd love to come and talk to my class! How cool is that?!

So yeah. That has been my week. Oh and the cherry on top of the cake is that we are recording tomorrow at SoulSound Studios! So my day will be filled with rehearsing! Woot. Here we go!

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